How does this work ?

The Driver Shop was formed with one purpose in mind, to provide our clients with a professional service supplying quality driving personnel to local companies for all occasions.

When you have deadlines to meet, vehicles to move but an empty driver’s seat whether through sickness, holidays or extra work loads you need action fast!

The Driver Shop operates a 24 hour a day, 365 days a year emergency call service.  So what ever the time of day or night you can call our duty officer who will have our staff availability roster and can answer your call immediately.

We understand the need for efficiency and when our clients call us they need to know that they can have the staff that are qualified to undertake the assignment at the time required with the minimum of effect on their part. So when you call The Driver Shop we will respond quickly allowing you to plan your deliveries with a driver competent to do the assignment.

At The Driver Shop we select our drivers with the client in mind.  We know continuity of regular staff allows the deliveries to be achieved quickly, efficiently and above all cost effectively.  This is why we retain our staff on a permanent basis giving them on going job familiarisation training which allows our clients to have the same trained staff time and time again.  So with our flexibility, immediate response, trained professional driving staff, personal attention, value for money and an understanding that “the job must get done” this describes The Driver Shop.